I love painting these 4 FT subway cars! Making them look rusted and busted makes each one an original work of art! 



hanging out at TRenton Art All Night. Showing a 4Ft graffiti Train and enjoying the vibe….


got to paint a mural for the new Bulldogs and Barbells , Potent crossfit gym!


Well I had 30 in subway trains in the past. Now they have grown up to 4 ft!!! Great platform for your custom graffiti artwork! Contact me if you are interested in blanks or some custom painted! 



I put together this graffiti letter study. I always wanted to do one.


Someone asked me to make then a distressed Texas flag. So here is the finished product.


Here are a couple beach signs i made with reclaimed wood. They are still available for sale! $30 each + shipping. Also custom reclaimed wood signs available upon request. Message for info